Shilajit: The natural cure-all formula for every fertility issue

Shilajit: The natural cure-all formula for every fertility issue

The Altai & Himalayan mountains hide a precious ‘destroyer of weakness’. It is a secret substance of natural origin and part of Ayurveda medicine that relies on organic remedies affecting the body, mind, and spirit. Shilajit is a mysterious compound, loaded with minerals and 20 other elements, that have the magic to ease your pain. What is more, if you are looking for natural ways to boost testosterone or something to deal with infertility or anxiety – shilajit can be of immense help.

To discover all the nuts and bolts of this nature’s gift and dig out all the benefits of shilajit, carry on and read our thorough article.

What is shilajit?

Shilajit, also known as salajeet in English, mumijo, or mineral pitch, is a blackish-brown powder or exudate with a sticky consistency that is found naturally in the rocks of the highest mountains in Asia, like the Himalayas, Altai, and the Caucasus. It originates from the decomposition of plants and organic matter, which blends with minerals and other compounds. Through a natural process that involves the filtration of the resin as it emerges from the cracks in the rocks, once collected, the shilajit is purified and processed for consumption and further use.

Nutritional components of shilajit

Considered an herbal tonic with unique properties, shilajit boasts essential minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorus. It also contains fulvic and humic acid and other organic compounds that may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. The fulvic acids help in the process of nutrition absorption and the body’s illness defence, while the humic acid stimulates the immune system and treats various viral infections.

Application and consumption

Shilajit is the most significant nutritional supplement in Ayurveda medicine – the traditional medicine of India that leans on organic remedies to treat diseases. Thanks to its properties, it has been used for centuries to treat numerous conditions. Science, for its part, has shown that it can be useful in improving heart health, preventing cognitive deterioration like Alzheimer's disease, improving male fertility, acting as a natural testosterone booster, fighting anaemia, or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Available in liquid, powder, drop, and capsule, shilajit is usually presented as a supplement that includes instructions that you should carefully follow. As with any supplement of natural origin, the key is to prioritise safety when purchasing one. Given this, make sure that the product has all the permits required by your country's legislation. Research and analyse the brand, the reviews, and recommendations.

Remember to evaluate the ingredients on the label. If, in the past, you have developed some sort of complications from some shilajit component (such as allergic reactions), it is better to rule out its use. These supplements receive fewer restrictions when they are marketed, so investing a little more in a recognised brand or distributor can make a big difference.

Fertility benefits of Shilajit

The positive effect of shilajit uses regarding infertility is immense. The all-natural substance serves as a powerbomb in your entire health system, making miracles for both physical and mental issues that revolve around reproductive well-being. Here are some of the benefits:

  • It can elevate testosterone naturally

  • Testosterone is the main male sex hormone that plays a key role in reproduction and muscle development. Even though some men have lower levels than others, that number can significantly drop over time. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to find natural ways to build testosterone. 

    According to a clinical study, men between the ages of 45 and 55 who took 200 mg of purified natural shilajit per day over consecutive 90 days showed a substantial rise of 23.5% in their testosterone levels in contrast with those who took the placebo. This means that natural supplements to boost testosterone, like pure Altai shilajit resin, can help you increase your sex drive, build muscle mass, reduce body fat, and provide overall vitality and stamina. 

  • It has a beneficial impact on sperm count

  • Sperm count shows the number of sperm cells that are present and active in a given specimen. That number is crucial for successful conception – the higher the number of sperm cells, the greater the chances of fertilising an egg. 

    There is proof that shilajit can lead to sperm count increase when taken daily. In another study, men who have infertility were given natural shilajit twice a day for 90 days. By the end of the trial period, their sperm counts showed results with an increase of over 60%. This is due to the high mineral content that practically gives life to the sperm, improving its quality, motility and overall health.

    This mighty nature’s gift has traditionally been used as a tonic to increase energy and stamina, and it is believed that its nutritional compounds can help improve energy production in cells. As a result, shilajit is not only a natural testosterone booster but can also raise sperm count levels and its quality. 

  • It regulates menstrual cycles

  • When it comes to reproductive health, the female population can also highly benefit from shilajit. The natural elixir provides regulation in the menstrual cycle, which is very important if you are trying to conceive. When a woman’s monthly flow comes in irregular intervals, it is very difficult to determine the exact time of ovulation – the instance when a mature egg is released and ready to be fertilised. 

    According to a study that shows a correlation between menstrual cycle characteristics and infertility, women are facing almost a 10% drop in their chances of getting pregnant if they have irregular menstrual cycle length in contrast with the ones who have a normal cycle. Irregular periods are one of the many indicators that show fertility problems in women, and they are also associated with pain, discomfort and mood swings during menstruation flow. 

    Shilajit’s powerhouse can lend you a helping hand in all of those areas. The antioxidant component of shilajit may help you ease your pain and achieve a more balanced menstrual cycle, promoting hormonal balance and reproductive health. The mineral trio of iron, zinc and magnesium can defend against anaemia, regulate hormone function, and alleviate menstrual cramps consecutively.

  • It can help restore hormonal balance

  • Needless to say, hormones play a huge part in fertility, and striving for the perfect equilibrium is crucial when you want to conceive. Shilajit’s unique mixture of components can take care of hormonal balance restoration and solve your fertility problems.

    By regulating the two main feminine hormones vital for reproduction, oestrogen and progesterone, shilajit has the power to play a huge role in the battle against infertility. Its adaptogen features – elements that have an impact on dealing with stress – may aid in keeping a healthy menstrual cycle and raising energy levels.

    Shilajit can also do you a favour by regulating the thyroxine hormone, which can be the one to blame for interruption or complete stoppage of ovulation. Another perk of the magical elixir regarding hormonal harmony is relieving symptoms of menopause, like hot flashes and constant mood changes.

  • It will give you a helping hand in the fight against obesity

  • Apart from being the greatest villain of your body inside and out, obesity will cause you tremendous trouble on your way to reproduction. Overweight women tend to have higher leptin hormone levels, which lead to hormonal imbalance that, consequently, ends with a lower chance of getting pregnant.

    The sticky black resin comes to the rescue again with its superpowers by giving your body the energy to exercise, removing excess fat, and boosting your metabolism. Shilajit will become your best friend when hunger hits hard, energy levels drop, and psychological stress takes over. By integrating natural shilajit into your daily regime and wellness routine, you will instantly feel its perks.

  • It is one of the natural solutions for anxiety and stress

  • Anxiety has become an inevitable aspect of the hectic kind of world we all live in now. In the search for the perfect alleviator, shilajit arises as the strongest natural anxiety medication that has the greatest influence in showing the body how to deal with stress, which is the number one enemy of fertility. By guiding its way to respond to it properly, the body will gain the much-needed resilience to fight hormonal imbalance and irregular menstrual cycles and achieve overall well-being.

    Shilajit takes the role of adaptogen – it takes care of detoxification and elimination of free radicals in the body, encouraging it to manage stress successfully and find balance. You will end up with a clean body and a clear mind.

    Shilajit – a nature’s gift to you

    In summary, shilajit is a natural supplement with a long history of use in traditional medicine. It has the potential to offer benefits for energy, cognition, and overall health and well-being, providing you with a life free of stress, pain and discomfort. Whether you are dealing with fertility problems, anxiety issues or simple hair loss, shilajit‘s nourishing characteristics will contribute to a healthier life.

    Do not hesitate to try our shilajit supplements and feel the improvement in your body.

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