Shilajit Benefits for Men and Women

Shilajit Benefits for Men and Women

Shilajit, also known as the "destroyer of weakness," is the most incredible substance that nature has ever revealed to mankind. It is a sticky, tar-like substance formed from the slow decomposition of plant matter and minerals over centuries (1). It is found in the Himalayan and Altai mountain ranges. Thousands of years ago, when modern medicine was not even a thing, shilajit was used as a potent substance in Ayurveda and traditional medicines for its remarkable health benefits (1)

Shilajit contains over eighty minerals, notably fulvic acid and many other essential nutrients, making the product a potent health booster (2). Whether you intend to gain energy for work or sports or even to pass your hectic day, shilajit can be useful. 

If you are here, you are definitely a health enthusiast looking for scientific proof of the proclaimed benefits of this well-known substance. If that's the case, don't worry. We are here to help. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of shilajit for men and women supported by scientific evidence. 

So, without wasting another minute, let's discuss why shilajit holds a supreme value in folk medicine. 

Shilajit: Which Form is Better?

As discussed before, shilajit is a mineral that occurs naturally in rocks of the Himalayan and Altai mountain ranges. It accumulates over time from the dissolution of plants and microbial activity, which takes many years.  

As a dietary supplement, Shilajit comes in the form of a resin, a powder, and in capsule form. 

In contrast to others, the resin is well harvested and processed to retain as many nutrients and therapeutic value as possible. Therefore, it is often considered the strongest and most genuine of all its supplement forms (3).

Shilajit Benefits for Men

Research reveals that men who regularly take shilajit experience a significant rise in their testosterone levels (4). These hormonal changes are accompanied by a boost in power, muscle strength, and sexual desire.

In addition, Shilajit helps increase physical performance by improving stamina and endurance (5). Shilajit is also popular and actively used by athletes and bodybuilders to create a competitive advantage over others.

Imagine having the stamina of a teenage person and not getting tired even after strenuous exercise. Sounds like a dream come true, right?

With Shilajit, it can all be a reality!!!

Shilajit Benefits for Women

Shilajit benefits for females are not limited as well, and it has proved to be very effective. It helps reproductive health since it regulates hormonal systems, which can easily solve the issues related to menstruation and fertility (6)(7)​.

Who needs expensive creams when you have Shilajit?

Shilajit also acts as a skin health booster. It possesses anti-aging benefits as it aids in promoting skin moisture and firmness (8). Thus, it enhances the natural beauty in women.

Shilajit is the natural energy tonic for women. It assists in fighting off fatigue and working for an improvement in general well-being (1). This means a person can approach the day's challenge with the highest state of mind and spirit.

General Health Benefits of Shilajit

Shilajit has several other general healing benefits, making it one of the most effective health-boosting supplements. 

Shilajit is beneficial for heart health. It functions as an antioxidant and maintains cardiovascular health by reducing the risk of diseases (9). So, if you want to keep your heart pumping like a well-oiled machine, Shilajit might just be your new best friend.

Shilajit possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it can be used to treat conditions characterised by inflammation, such as arthritis (10).​ It also shows effectiveness in boosting brain health. For example, it boosts memory and focus and even helps manage neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's (11).

Whether you need better physical health or a superior mind, you can turn to shilajit for a natural way to get a healthier body. 

Altai Shilajit Vs. Himalayan Shilajit: Which One is Better?

Both Himalayan Shilajit and Altai Shilajit help provide many health benefits. However, people prefer the Altai Shilajit more because it is more potent than the Himalayan Shilajit. Altai Shilajit is harvested from the pristine Altai mountains, which are less polluted and offer purer sources of Shilajit (12).​

Additionally, Altai Shilajit is less contaminated and, therefore, should be preferred as a long-term product. It provides numerous benefits, such as increased energy and better brain performance. All these benefits make Altai Shilajit everyone's favourite. 

How Shilajit is Better Than Pharmaceutical Drugs?

Another advantage you have with Shilajit compared to pharmaceuticals is that the substance is completely natural and has no serious side effects (1). Contrary to synthetic drugs, for which the list of potential side effects is considerably long, Shilajit is an all-organic product that does not pose health threats​.

Also, Shilajit can be taken over a long period without the risk of developing dependency and dangerous side effects that are commonly observed when using pharmaceutical products.

How to Choose the Best Shilajit?

The best shilajit is the one that offers maximum quality, purity, and originality. Therefore, you should always pay strict attention to these factors when buying shilajit resin. Secondly, always look for reliable and expert-verified selling companies, like Pure Altai Shilajit, to avoid the possibility of buying low-quality products. 

How to Use Shilajit?

The recommended dosage for Shilajit is 300-500 mg per day (13). However, higher and lower amounts can be taken depending on the person's needs. You can mix the shilajit resin either in warm water or milk. However, it's best to consult a healthcare professional before starting using shilajit for your health needs. 

Shilajit should only be taken under the advice of a professional, particularly for those experiencing some health complications or taking medications for other health concerns. 

Pregnant or breastfeeding should also consult with a professional before using shilajit.

The Takeaway Message

Shilajit can cure several conditions and benefit both men and women. Shilajit has proved to increase energy and physical performance levels, strengthen the heart walls, and increase the vitality of one’s skin. However, getting a quality product and using the right dose properly can enhance your health to the next level. 


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